The Left Coast Lifter

The Left Coast Lifter is a massive crane which is being brought from San Fransisco to New York to work on the new Tappan Zee Bridge.  By a strange stroke of luck, I happened to be biking on the new bridge it built in San Fransisco at the moment it put out to sea.  What luck!  Since I saw it leave the Left Coast on December 22nd, I might be able to figure out when it will get here!  All I have to do is use Google Earth to measure the distance.  It was travling about 8.2 nautical miles per hour (carefull that’s not the same as miles per hour!) when I saw it go.  That should be all I need to figure out when it will get here!  Try it yourself and post your estimate in the comments.  Let’s see who gets the closest!  Good luck!

the Left Coast Lifter Leaving California

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