Cottage Lane Web Portal


The Cottage Lane Web Portal is the page that the students see when they open the internet in the lab and in the school. It contains many of the links to materials which we use in school. Check it out. Click on the Cottage Lane Web Portal in the menu above.

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Internet Safety

Here are the 2016-2017 Internet Safety links:

Filtering Software Links

Make a Family Media Plan

The 2017 PTA Presentation

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School Maker Faire

Sign up for the School Maker Faire, March 16, 2017.  All projects are welcome.  Be creative and have fun!



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Open Makerspace Project

This year at Cottage Lane, we will be piloting a new program in the Makerspace. If  YOU have an idea for an invention that can be built in the space, we will be open during Period 7 on Days 5 and 6 and Period 1 every day during Cycle B for them to come in and create! Just fill in the form below with your idea. It MUST be something which can be made in the Makerspace (the form will help guide you).   Students must also commit to making up any missed work in the classroom. If  you are not able to come during the periods we are open, DON’T WORRY!  If the pilot goes well, we will open on other periods later in the school year!

The form is here:

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STAR Test Link

Teachers, if you want to use the STAR Test from a Chromebook, please click this link:

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Vote for Flash!

Once again, this year, local schools were asked to name the baby falcons in the nest on top of the Tappan Zee Bridge.  Please take some time and vote for our Cottage Lane submission, Flash.  Please take some time in the next few days and go to the following web page and vote for Flash on the list on the left side of the screen:

The voting is open to anyone, so please encourage family and friends to participate as well!

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Robins in the Arctic

Cottage Lane classes have been following the adventures of Lamont scientist Natalie Boelman and her team as they work tagging American Robins in the boreal forest of northern Canada.  Check out her blog posts, here.  I will continue to update this post as more blog entries come in:

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The Eagles are Hatching!

You don’t see this every day: An Eagle egg is hatching live on a webcam for us all to see. The proud parents are a pair of nesting eagles in the National Arboretum in Washington DC. There are not one, but two cameras in place and you can watch the process here:

The mother is brooding the eggs, but moves around every so often to check on them. That’s when you can see the egg with the tiny bird cracking its way out. Here is a news story which explains more:

Have fun, and thanks to Barbara Salmon for sharing this with me.

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Okeanos Explorer

For those following the current expedition of the Okeanos Explorer, here is a link which you can use from home to continue watching live feed from the ship:

Have fun!

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Fifth Grade Video Unit

The fifth grade recently completed their video production unit in Technology Class.  Take a look at one of the many fine films created by our students.  This one is a silent film by Lilly, Emily and Dylan.


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SOCSD Maker Faire on March 16!!

On March 16th SOCSD will be hosting our 3rd Annual Maker Faire from 6:30-8:30 at the TZHS cafeteria. The Maker Faire is a wonderful opportunity for you to show a project that you have worked on either in school or at home using science, technology, engineering, art and math. If you are interesting in registering to present click here. If you can’t present please attend and see all the fantastic projects from our students K-12.

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