Climate Science Teach-In

Directions for the Teach-In:  You will be part of a team of about 20 students.  You, along with one or two other students, will be assigned to answer one of the questions below and then teach this topic to the others on your team.   Under each question is a list of resources to help you.  You may use the resources provided, or find your own.  When your time for research has ended, you will have TWO MINUTES to teach the other students on your team about the part of climate science you study.  Be creative in how you explain your question.You may use a song, a rap, a dramatization or a simple explanation with graphics on your computer. Be creative.  This is your opportunity to build the environment you wish to learn in.

What is Climate change?

What causes climate change?  What are human beings doing which makes it happen?

How do we know that human beings are warming the climate?  What evidence do we have?

How is climate different from weather?  Give examples from the New York area as you explain.

How could climate change affect the New York Area? 

What is Ocean Acidification and what could happen to the New York area?

What can you do to prevent climate change from getting even worse?


Additional Resources on Climate Change:



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