Cottage Lane Nature Photography Contest

Photo by Mr. Tanenbaum

Our Nature Photography project has come to a close. You can view our online gallery or take a look at a video of all of our entries, here. Thanks to all who participated.

Are you interested in nature? Do you have a camera? Come be part of our Cottage Lane Nature Photography contest. Here is what to do:

Find something beautiful in the natural world around you. Take a picture and upload it using our Google Form. Once it is approved by Mr. Tanenbaum, we will post it in our online gallery and it will be part of the contest. We will display the winning picture from each grade in the lobby of Cottage Lane when we return! We can’t wait to see your photos!

You can view the entries into the contest, in our online gallery, here.

Here are some basic tips for taking great pictures:

  1. You can take a great photo of something simple in your own back yard. Flowers are amazing this time of year (see below)!

  2. Make sure you and the living things you photograph are safe. Photograph from a safe distance and make sure not to harm what you photograph.

  3. Nature photography is different from taking a selfie or a portrait of a person. You are the photographer, but you are not in the picture.

  4. Try to keep the sun out of the picture.

  5. Be patient, be still and be quiet. Sometimes it takes a while for an animal to decide to look in your direction or even look up.

  6. Walk around a little. Photograph from different angles and pay attention to what is in the background. It makes a difference.

  7. Have fun!
The beauty of small things.
Photo by Mr. Tanenbaum

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