How Far Did We Travel?

Our experiment launched at 12:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time on Sunday, July 13th and returned to Earth on Saturday, October 25th at 3:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time.  For that entire time it traveled 4.7 miles per SECOND.  Can you calculate how many miles our experiment traveled in all of that time?  Post your answer in the space below.

The International Space Station: Photo Credit, NASA

The contest has been extended to Monday, November 10th at the start of school.  Certificates will be awarded to everyone who gets the answer correct to within a percent or two of the actual number.  Post your answers before Monday!

Did you figure it out?

Our experiment was in flight for 104 days, 2 hours and 47 minutes.  That is equal to 8,995,620 seconds.  At 4.7 miles per second, we traveled 42,279,414.  Congratulations to all who tried.  So many of you got an answer close to or equal to mine.  Great work!

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